Easter 2003

Dad & Mom
Mom, Dad, Lisa, Wayne, Eric
Mom, Dad, Lisa, Wayne, Eric, John, Starlet
Lisa, Wayne, Debbi, Phil, Eric
Lisa, Wayne, Eric
Lisa, Wayne, Eric
Mom, Dad, Phil
Mom & Dad
Phil, Mom, Dad, Starlet, John
Starlet and John
Starlet and John
Mom and Lisa
Mom, Lisa, Dad
Eric and Lisa
Eric and Lisa
Eric and Wayne
Eric and Wayne
Phil, Eric, Wayne
Phil and Debbi
Nancy, Becky, Kenny
Debbi walks the kids
Big kids hide the eggs
Lisa hides eggs, Missy watches
Diane and Will supervise
John wishes he had toys like Eric
Can we start now?
Kids, Kids, and more Kids
On your mark, get set . . .
Alex leaves no leafs unchecked
Sydney Grace
Round 2, no one found the prize egg
Shannon and Debbi
Grand Ladies
Grand Ladies
Bob and Barbara
Mike, Alex, Christy, Shannon